Chef Jessie Grill: Comfort Food At Its Finest

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Building on the unwavering success of Chef Jessie Rockwell Club in Makati, restauranteur and chef extraordinaire Jessie Sincioco has introduced a new dining experience for foodies and devoted patrons to indulge in once again — Chef Jessie Grill.

Located at The Grove by Rockwell in Pasig City, Chef Jessie Grill offers a more casual and rustic approach to enjoying her gastronomic creations compared to the fine culinary ambiance of her sister restaurant in Makati.

“I really want to create a laid- back, homey atmosphere for this restaurant where families can come anytime, wearing anything they want, and just enjoy their comfort food favorites,” said Chef Jessie.

After continuous prodding by her beloved churchmates to open a restaurant in Pasig City, Chef Jessie decided that The Grove by Rockwell was the perfect location to set up Chef Jessie Grill.

“[ I decided to] have this restaurant with Rockwell again as I have learned with my experience in Rockwell Club that they are very good and reliable developers and I am confident that nothing could go wrong,” she said. According to her, Chef Jessie Grill is expertly handled by herself and most of her trusted staff from her previously iconic Revolving Restaurant.

With a wide array of mouthwatering dishes specializing in sizzling and char- grilled masterpieces, Chef Jessie Grill only started serving hungry customers last September but the restaurant has already gained a big loyal following.

“We can always expect a number of people on weekends and dinner time, especially large groups and families,” she said. “Quite a number of our regular customers live nearby at The Grove as well, the majority of them being couples, balikbayans and young professionals living alone.”

Compared to the premiere international dining experience that Rockwell Club has to offer, Chef Jessie Grill encourages big groups to be as comfortable as they want, with meals served “family- style.” However, both whole and plated with just banana leaves and lemon slices,” said Chef Jessie, adding that most diners loved it so much that they started eating with their hands.

Other hot dishes popular among families include the Special Chicken Adobo, the BBQ Pork Spareribs, among others. World- renowned for her exquisite pastry creations, Chef Jessie’s desserts has always been the highlight of all her restaurants.

Chef Jessie Grill is no different, with her Green Tea Cheesecake in the menu’s spotlight. “I’m well- known for my cheesecakes and I really wanted to have one in the menu. Since green tea or matcha is very popular nowadays I decided to make my own original recipe. True enough, it became a big hit!” she shared. “The Chocolate Surprise and the Fruit Flambé are quite loved by many as well, but the cheesecake is really my finest creation.”

Truly a versatile culinary expert, Chef Jessie’s dishes can be enjoyed in any setting — with Chef Jessie Grill at The Grove showcasing her peak with her most comforting cuisine yet. establishments showcase the absolute best that Chef Jessie’s culinary versatility has to offer.

Chef Jessie Grill is equipped with a simple two page menu of Chef Jessie’s finest, the majority being comforting Filipino cuisine.

“A lot of our menu items are authentically prepared by charcoal grilling, giving our dishes that special charred flavor. Fresh from the grill, we serve the food right away and that is what makes it delicious,” she said.

Among the carefully curated appetizers, she exclaimed that the Baked Manila Clams was the biggest crowd- pleaser. “Fresh from the sea, we serve 12 perfectly baked clams on a sizzling plate. Everyone loves it!” Chef Jessie said. “The Pork and Lamb Sisig as well as the Sizziling Shrimp Gambas are appetizer favorites too.”

As for the main course, the limited Black Coral Lapu-Lapu has won over the hearts of those lucky enough to try it. Grown by a relative of Chef Jessie in Quezon, the Black Coral Lapu- Lapu is cultivated in seawater and fed purely fingerlings. “We only serve [ the fish] occasionally as the restaurant’s Fish of the Day so it is definitely a treat. It is grilled.