Philippine Tatler T Dining X Rockwell

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Philippine Tatler T Dining in partnership with Rockwell presents Best Restaurants Weekend at Rockwell. Enjoy our special offer from July 27 until 29 only.

For reservations, you may call 890-6543 or 890-7630.


Chef Jessie’s Ciabatta Bread, Rolls, Butter & Special Dip  

Fiddlehead Fern, Caramelized Cherry Tomatoes & Salted Egg Salad

In calamansi vinaigrette dressing


Trio of Creamed Soup:

Pumpkin * Mushroom * Broccoli


Frozen Grapes


Grilled U.S. Fillet Mignon Steak in Wild Mushroom Sauce


Grilled Assorted Seafood in Berlinoise Sauce

Served with a timbale of wild rice vegetable risotto

And steamed asparagus spears


Demitasse of Chocolate Soufflé


Coffee or Tea

P 2, 500.00 + 10% per person

(Discount: 20% off)