Zomato X The Grove Food Hop 2017

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I've been working in Ortigas for 5 years now and our go-to food trip favorites have always been in the areas of Kapitolyo, SM Megamall, Emerald Avenue, and sometimes in Katipunan. When I got an invite from Zomato for a food crawl at The Grove along C5, it hit me why we never bothered checking this place out given that it's a few corners away from our office! And when I knew about the variety of restaurants we'll be visiting, I realized, wow, there were plenty of options nearby all along and most of the time, me and my friends can't agree on where we want to eat. LOL.

Anyway, for those not familiar, The Grove (by Rockwell) is a resort-like high-rise residential condominium located in Pasig City. At the ground level, it has what's called a Retail Row, which is a group of restaurants and coffee shops. It's right across Tiendesitas and SM Hypermarket too! It's super, super convenient to live here. (Lol, of course, pricey too~)

                                                    Chef Jessie Grill

Jessie Sincioco's a well-known chef/restaurateur that's already got some great places under her name: the elegant Chef Jessie Rockwell Club, 100 Revolving Restaurant in Eastwood, and Top of the Citi by Chef Jessie in Makati. She's also known as the chef who cooked for Pope Francis when he visited Manila back in 2015.

For our first stop in this food hop, we were whisked inside Chef Jessie's latest venture, the Chef Jessie Grill. The interiors had that elegant ambiance but everything is simple and tasteful. As Chef Reo Sincioco (Chef Jessie's brother, who was there to explain the restaurant's concepts and dishes) said, they try to incorporate the bahay kubo theme to their restaurant, which is evident with the bamboo accents all around. The result? A homey but at the same time modern touch.

Barbecued Pork Spareribs

Grilled Kesong Puti

Alugbati Salad and Baked Manila Clams

Salmon Fillet

Peach Cobbler and Green Tea Cheesecake

We were served pretty interesting and unique dishes like the Grilled Kesong Puti and Alugbati Salad (with dulong dressing), Sizzling Pork and Lamb Sisig and Baked Manila Clams. My personal favorites were the Grilled Kesong Puti (melted carabao milk cheese FTW!), the Baked Manila Clams (tasted fresh and delicious) and the Salmon Fillet. The Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs was a runner up too (just because I'm craving for seafood lately). It had succulent meat falling off the bone! Out of the 2 desserts, the Peach Cobbler was my pick. One, I'm not a really big fan of anything green tea. Also. it had an appealing mix of layers and textures. Just look at the colors! There were peaches, nuts, chocolates and cream. Not too sweet as well.

I could totally picture my folks dining here (and I might take them soon, whenever they're ready to bravethe city traffic haha). Great food, cozy ambiance and super courteous and friendly staff!