#ChefsTable: With Jessie Sincioco

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A finance graduate and former businesswoman who declares having had little enthusiasm for cooking during her younger days, Jessie Sincioco gladly says that her success is indebted to her aunt Lita Dy, who encouraged her to join a baking contest. Upon winning the grand prize in the baking category of the Great Maya Cookfest in 1983 with her original mango cake recipe as the star, everything started to fall into place for Sincioco. She could not contain her happiness when the then Intercontinental Hotel Manila generously offered her a three-month training course in pastry. 

Now, the success of the Chef Jessie Restaurants, which include Top of the Citi by Chef Jessie and Chef Jessie Rockwell Club, is attributed to the exceptional food, excellent service and unwavering commitment to its loyal patrons. They have maintained such sterling reputations through dedication to the renowned Quality Management System that focuses on continuing improvement plans addressing the fast-paced change of customer taste in the industry. Making it, by far, the food and service provider of choice for people with impeccable gastronomic taste.

Philippine Tatler: What inspires you both in the kitchen and out?

JS: The amazing love & the wonderful blessings from God everyday.

PT: What do you cook for yourself when you are at home?

JS: Any good and fresh stuff that I can find in the chiller. Oftentimes, I end up making a smoothie or a nice salad or fried rice.

PT: What challenges have you encountered in the F&B industry that have made an impact on you?

JS: Pirating of staff.  Some companies just don't have the decency of  recruiting their staff the proper way. They don't care about the predicament of the company they are victimising just as long as their slots are filled in.

PT: Who is your ideal person to cook for? Why?

JS: Anybody who can appreciate GOOD FOOD! Like the Holy Father, Pope Francis. He finishes everything he has on his plate. Clean plates inspire!  It's an affirmation that your cooking is approved and appreciated!

PT: How do you see Filipino cuisine evolving over the next few years?

JS: Filipino cuisine is starting to make its mark in the world cuisine scene now.  This is evident by the presence of Filipino restaurants that are creating recognition in almost every part of the globe. This is important because Filipino taste and style is introduced to the world's palate. Good start!

PT: What influenced you to become a part of the culinary world? What is it that you love about food?

JS: My desire to make people happy by using the talent that God has given me.  Food creates energy, the right form of energy that can be a source of everything beautiful, useful and wonderful!